• Phil Charles

    Phil Charles

    Helping professionals find their super power. For more see https://professionalpractice.academy

  • Jonathan Slason

    Jonathan Slason

    Jonathan Slason, PE is a Director of Future Mobility Planning at RSG focused on the emerging megatrends in transportation. https://rsginc.com/team/jonathan-slas

  • Aditya


  • Stephanie Golik

    Stephanie Golik

    Product Design Manager at Cruise. Founder at Huddle. Prev Head of Product & UX at Mapfit (acq by Foursquare). Miami-native.

  • Andra Oprișan

    Andra Oprișan

    Design Strategist. I analyse stuff and have opinions about it.

  • Derrick Juda

    Derrick Juda

  • Mohamed Makni

    Mohamed Makni

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